Tips for Prom Hair and Makeup

Prom season may be a few months away, but it is never to early to start planning your prom look. Prom is one of the biggest days of your high school career, and you should have a beautifully executed look that matches the importance of the day. 

To make sure that you are one of the best looking people at your prom, check out the following tips!

Don’t Overdo the Powder. It may be tempting to pack on the powder to ensure your makeup lasts the entire day, especially if you live in a hot area and want to take photos outside. However, this is one of the worst things that you can do on the day of the prom. While the powder is important to keep your makeup intact all day, too much powder can make your face look cakey and ruin your foundation. Even worse, the camera will capture how much powder you’re wearing. Do yourself a favor and keep it light with the powder at prom this year. You can also bring powder with you if you find that you need to touch up throughout the day.

Leave your Hair to the Professionals. Because of the rise of makeup and hair tutorials on Youtube, many of us can learn how to whip up the perfect prom makeup look on our own. However, doing your own hair is too complicated and stressful. After all, with makeup, if you mess up, you can simply wipe it off and try again. Hair isn’t that simple. For that reason, you should leave the hairstyling to the professionals and opt to go to a hair salon. Hairstylists are experts on all things hair and can sculpt the perfect prom hairdo in just minutes, saving you both time and energy on your special day.

Do a Run Through. As they say, practice makes perfect. One of the best things you can do is do a pre-prom run-through of your makeup routine. This is a good idea for multiple reasons. One, it will let you experiment and figure out what makeup works and doesn’t work for you. Two, you can have more practice creating your perfect look so you don’t run into any issues on the day of prom. Three, it helps you figure out how long it will take to put on your makeup so that you can accurately schedule your day. There are literally no downsides to doing a run-through, so make sure to do one before prom.

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously. Of course, everyone wants to look amazing at prom, but the most important thing is that you make important memories with your friends. Nothing ever turns out exactly as we plan, so don’t worry too much if your look doesn’t look exactly like you imagined it in your head. You’ll look great no matter what.

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